23.7 million players and counting.

Stats as of Jan 2019.

Welcome to Team Friction

About us.

We are an independent development and programming business established in 2015. We make games targeted towards kids/teens for the online platform, Roblox. We have one million average monthly active users. Our products have been featured by many online social media influencers and press.

Our products.

A Very Hungry Pikachu

"A Very Hungry Pikachu" is an odd game where you fight a giant yellow creature before it devours you and the city! Since the creature has a HUGE amount of health, it is recommended that you invite some friends to come and help stop the creature!

AVHP Classic

The original game of "A Very Hungry Pikachu." It is an old, broken, and poorly coded game, but millions still enjoy!

Shotgun Simulator

Shotgun Simulator is a round based game where the only weapon is a shotgun. Keep in mind: These shotguns have a decent amount of range!